About Ceramiche De Simone

Born in the early ‘60s by the creativity of the great Giovanni De Simone of Palermo, the "Ceramiche De Simone" brand asserts itself as a major player in the Sicilian and international ceramic world thanks to a unique and original style, a wonderful blend of influences from great cubist masters such as Picasso, Matisse, Leger and Klee and elements taken from folklore and traditions of Sicily.
The authenticity of a De Simone piece is guaranteed by the continuity of the entire production know-how and artistic staff (potters, designers, decorators, etc.). Our craftsmen, as students of the Maestro, ensure and preserve the precious heritage and exclusive tradition of the Giovanni De Simone school of ceramics. Managed by a passionate group of entrepreneurs with the aim of giving new impetus to the historic brand, Ceramiche De Simone has shared the organizational culture and values of the Giovanni De Simone school: creativity, quality, beauty, tradition, historic patrimony, poetry and narratives linked to Sicily, and team spirit.

It is through these objectives that new management has brought the company to its former glory: consolidating production, refining artistic expression, and improving the quality of materials and colors used: strictly unleaded and in line with European standards, all dishwasher resistant, with a new line of fired clay designed for cooking. In a word, the revival of the "Ceramiche De Simone" brand.