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Choose your ceramic dinnerware sets decorated by hand by our artists

The dishes created by the artists of Ceramiche de Simone are the ideal decoration for an elegant and refined table. Unique and entirely hand-decorated products, Ceramiche de Simone's ceramic dinnerware sets are products that give a touch of joy to the entire kitchen. Usable every day as well as for special occasions, the plates stand out for their bright colors, characteristic of the style of Ceramiche de Simone. You can choose between different types of dishes; in fact, the master craftsmen create 3 lines of products: the Mangiallegro dishes, the Ornamental and the Folk dishes. Among the latter there are dishes made with the blue border and with the green border; in addition to the colors, the shapes also change - round, rounded, square and octagonal - and of course the decorations. In this way you can choose the one you like best. The Mangiallegro dishes are distinguished by the bright colors and the typical summer decorations. On the other hand, the names we have given to the decorations bring to mind the hottest months of the year and the most beautiful seaside resorts, from Capri, to Aeolian, from Elba to Corfu to Ischia, Lipari, Panarea and many others. Each dish is made in different sizes: there are dishes for sides, fruit, bottoms, tops, pizza up to larger creations such as serving dishes, perfect for serving medium and large dishes. Our master craftsmen make also wonderful ornamental dishes. Also in this case the shapes, sizes and decorations vary and all are spectacular and colorful, real works of art. There are square, round, oval, octagonal plates and trays to serve the dishes in an elegant way. The sizes of ceramic round dishes range goes from 15 cm up to 55 cm, the square ones from 20x20 to 37x37, and also the ovals and octagonal offer different sizes that give the customer the opportunity to put the table the right support for every food to be enjoyed.

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