About Ceramiche De Simone

The History

The brand, Ceramiche De Simone, was founded in the 1960’s by the creativity of a noble gentleman from Palermo, Giovanni De Simone. He, in a very short time, established himself in the artistic ceramic scene of Sicily and internationally with his unique and individual style. His work is inspired by traditional folk stories and by artists of the like of Picasso, Matisse, Leger and Klee.

The Mission

Today the company’s goal is to provide continuity to the historic brand following the steps of the tradition while keeping focus on creativity, on beauty and on its historic and imaginative local heritage.

The quality, the lively colours and the attention to details are the distinctive features of this brand that make each Ceramiche De Simone masterpiece a unique and inimitable piece.


Our colourful ceramics feature tradition and innovation, having a big personality that livens up a any environment. There is a vast range of items to decorate the table and furnish the home and special gifts to celebrate parties and mark events.

Our collection features 3 main different ranges:

MANGIALLEGRO includes kitchen and tableware with 31 happy mood-enhancing designs offering an explosion of colours throughout the dining room.

FOLK is a collection inspired by the tradional Sicilian lifestyle and folklore. It ranges from kitchenware to home-decor adding a touch of individuality.

DS (De Simone) is our “signature” range. A vast assortment with boundless imagination and colours describing meticulously everyday life scenes. Animated designs that suit any style.

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