De Simone Collections

Tradition and modernity come together in each ceramic, to give personality to any space in the house, from the table to the walls. The explosion of colors guarantees just as much warmth in every context.

Four collections for your home

Thanks to our collections, there is a fantasy for every taste, environment and need; our colorful ceramics blend with all styles of decor, accompanying everyday moments such as family meals, as well as events and festivities. Even the most remote corners of the house become an integral part of what expresses your personality and makes your home warm and welcoming, whether it is a small apartment or a beach house. You can use our ceramics to decorate and furnish the rooms you wish to differentiate with style, to set the table, to choose a unique and personalized gift as only a handmade creation can guarantee.

With over 30 mood-inspired decors, you're spoiled for choice! Decorate your kitchen and table in a cheerful way with plates, coffee cups, glasses and much more. You can create original combinations by alternating your favorite decorations on the table or choose a specific pattern for a totally themed home! With Mangiallegro, every meal has a different flavor. The colors of our ceramics guarantee a boost of energy that accompanies you from breakfast to dinner!

There is a whole world to discover when it comes to folklore and in this line, our artists indulge in simple or more complex scenes that tell the story of Sicily's traditions. Our land inspires everything in De Simone's creations: the colors are the first to prove it, conveying the characteristic warmth of the island, from strokes of sea blue to those of yellow and orange that recall the sun. 

Choose the Folk collection to decorate your home with plates, tiles and vases or to have useful accessories in the kitchen, such as glass holders, cookie bowls, draining board. Originality is always assured.

In the DS line, the attention to detail is maniacal; the scenes represented are extremely complex, rich in nuances and elements that tell pieces of past life in the original De Simone artistic style. Thanks to the inexhaustible variety of details, our signed line perfectly matches with every environment of the house, from the internal ones, such as the living room, to the external ones, such as gardens and terraces. In addition, it guarantees maximum liveliness, the result of the magic of colors that patterns require to consistently express the stories they represent.

The latest arrival in De Simone's house is the Bianco e Nero (Black and White) line, distinguished by the original style of the design and the essentiality of the colors that inspired the same name. We also find the use of porcelain instead of ceramic, to ensure maximum resistance to wear and heat; you can freely use the items of this line both in the dishwasher and in the oven. The scenes portray some of the most beautiful landscapes of Sicily and, who knows, in time, new Italian cities may arrive! Currently the line is composed of plates and coffee cups, all to be collected.

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