Valentine's Day

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What to get Valentine's Day? Ceramiche De Simone

Love is one of the most complex universal feelings there are. It is powerful, it is unique, it is totalizing. When a person is in love he would like to shout to the whole world what he feels and prove it in every possible way. Thus, gifts become part of the declaration, transforming themselves from objects into expressions of complex emotions. On Valentine's Day, even more so.
Lovers go in search of original surprises, able to convey the love for which they find no words.

The craftsmanship makes our ceramics unique pieces capable of telling feelings, traditions and stories in all their nuances. There is nothing more heartfelt than a unique gift!

Do you need an idea? For every lover, the perfect Valentine's Day gift

Valentin’s day therefore, is not a simple tradition but an opportunity to show the person you love how important it is to you.

Don't you know what to get for your he or her? We'll help you!

Valentine's Day gifts for him

Your husband or boyfriend won't be able to resist the photo frame with your smile inside! And if he is always late, a wristwatch can be a valuable ally to help him get to your appointments on time. Even a simple dinner can turn into a romantic and regal meal, just choose the right egg cup!

Valentine's Day gifts for her

Your wife or girlfriend will be delighted as soon as she sees the round plate depicting a sweet serenade. Is she a flower lover? Take her favourites and let her find them in a vase that will remain the protagonist of your table even when the flowers wither. And if it's time for the fateful question, have her find the ring in a unique heart-shaped box!

All our ceramics are hand-painted, even the serenades, romantic dances, exchanges of glances and gestures of affection are our DS plates. The simplicity and beauty of their fantasies manage to convey with expressiveness the vitality, energy and desire to share of two lovers. This makes them the perfect gift to share memories, moments, experiences.

Moreover, the frames, become the perfect pretext to give a snapshot that represents the couple, while the "King and Queen" coffee cups allow you to start the day with joy. The most romantic ones, then, will turn our vases into an opportunity to plant together with your loved one the roots of a solid and lasting relationship.

Is the person you love far away? Not a problem: send her your gift! Choose it in our shop and send it to her with a parcel where you prefer!

In the end, it doesn't matter if the gift is small or big, to spend a special Valentine's Day what matters is that it's made with the heart... Even when it's taken at the last minute!

Valentine's Day every day

Sure, Valentine understands once a year, but you can choose to celebrate love every day.
Visit our shop to discover the products you just saw with other fantasies. Because love is not only romance but living together with the person who loves everyday life by eating together with the dishes of her favourite colour, giving her a cheerful cup of tea when needed and choosing together the favours of the most important day for you.

Build happy moments together with her, day after day, step by step, with objects that reveal who you are and what you feel.

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