Salt and Pepper - Oil and Vinegar

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Decorate the table with salt and pepper or oil and vinegar ceramic sets 

At the table, seasonings are always added to be available to everyone, especially at lunches and dinners where there are guests; serving them in the delicious ceramic sets created by our artists makes his figure, especially by creating matching matching trays, appetizerscenterpieces and other products to serve. Think that the salt and pepper - oil and vinegar ceramic sets have decorations that are also present in the dinnerware and glasses! The subjects and shapes vary from piece to piece, becoming concrete in freehand drawings depicting animals, fruit and flowers, marine elements and sometimes even folk characters, reworked by the inspiration and imagination of the artists who created and painted them. The style of the decorations is the traditional Sicilian one, with its rounded and bulging shapes and the bright and warm colours typical of the folklore, which blends with the abstractionism of the island motifs, with more elongated but always cheerful and lively shapes of some products of the Mangiallegro line. Some of our sets have nice anthropomorphic decorations, funny but also elegant and very particular. In this section, you will find many proposals of salt and pepper sets - oil and vinegar in ceramic, handmade and hand painted in our production laboratories. These sets, to be used even for purely decorative purposes as objects with a very attractive aesthetic impact, are actually also functional because of the ergonomics of the shapes and the durability and resistance of the ceramic. Discover here the wide range of models available!

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