Pine cone
Pine cone

Pine cone

€ 20.00
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Handmade and hand painted ceramic pinecone. Available in various sizes/colors.

Select Size
  • H 6 cm
  • H 8 cm
  • H 10 cm
  • H 15 cm
  • H 20 cm
  • H 25 cm
  • H 30 cm
Select Colour
  • Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Acqua Marina

Rated 4.8/5 based on 10 customer reviews

Hand painted decorative ceramic pine cone

Beautifying the spaces of your home is always a pleasure. In these cases, the Ceramiche De Simone decorative pine cones are perfect for creating the right atmosphere and giving a touch of color and liveliness to any environment.

Entirely made of ceramic, the pine cones are categorically hand painted by our masters who, through their experience and their love for details, are able to create small works of art of unique and inestimable value.

By itself, the pine cone has a very profound meaning: it is a symbol of good luck, which makes it the ideal gift to wish only the best to the recipient. Not only that: placing it at home is an original and meaningful way to welcome your guests, make them feel at ease and involve them in a peaceful and familiar atmosphere.

Available in different sizes and colors, the Ceramiche De Simone pine cones are the decorations that can never be missing for the Christmas holidays, but which is a pleasure to exhibit all year round: with their mix of typically Sicilian symbolism and culture, they strike the heart and brighten the days.


Our pottery is entirely handmade, created and designed by our artists. Finding two identical pieces is impossible due to the nature of the manufacturing process, therefore the small differences in measurements and the design of our work showcases the uniqueness and exclusivity of our products.
Remember that any differences in sizes or decoration compared to photography are one of the merits of our factories.

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