Ceramic Wall Tile Folk PI297FK-04V
Eggplant Ceramic Wall Tile Folk PI297FK-04V
Eggplant Ceramic Wall Tile Folk PI297FK-04V
Ceramic Wall Tile Folk PI297FK-04V
Eggplant Ceramic Wall Tile Folk PI297FK-04V
Eggplant Ceramic Wall Tile Folk PI297FK-04V

Eggplant Ceramic Wall Tile Folk PI297FK-04V

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Eggplant ceramic tile handmade and hand painted, Folk line. Available in two sizes: 15x15 cm and 20x20 cm.

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  • 15x15 cm
  • 20x20 cm


Hand-painted ceramic tile Eggplant of the Folk Line

Decorating your home in the name of colorvibrancy and Sicilian folklore is possible: just choose the tiles signed Ceramiche De Simone, perfect for decorating surfaces, walls, stairs and more with style. You can choose a specific one, such as the Eggplant of the Folk Line, or combine several to obtain an absolutely personalized play of colors and patterns.

Thanks to the multitude of subjects and shades, De Simone Pottery tiles are among the best accessories to customize any environment according to your personal taste. The furnishing of one's own home, often, sends one into confusion; it can be difficult to give it a touch of liveliness but with Ceramiche De Simone finding patterns, colors, combinations and the right inspiration becomes child's play; you are spoilt for choice!

A unique accessory to customize your home

The entirely hand-painted fantasy makes the tile unique and original; the ceramic used for the realization allows you to place it in any environment, from the kitchen to the living area, creating the right atmosphere for your moments of relaxation alone or in company. In fact, Ceramiche De Simone has always been synonymous with pure craftsmanship: our creations are hand-painted by our artists are small works of art that can make your home cozy and comfortable.

Decorate your home with the ceramic tile Eggplant alone or accompanied by other tiles in the catalog: create custom panels and give your rooms that touch of cheerfulness that never fails!

Flowers and Vegetables
15x15 cm
20x20 cm

Our pottery is entirely handmade, created and designed by our artists. Finding two identical pieces is impossible due to the nature of the manufacturing process, therefore the small differences in measurements and the design of our work showcases the uniqueness and exclusivity of our products.
Remember that any differences in sizes or decoration compared to photography are one of the merits of our factories.

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