Angel Icarus ANGR318A-08
Angel Icarus ANGR318A-08

Angel Icarus ANGR318A-08

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Ceramic angel handcrafted and hand decorated with religious fantasy, ideal as a piece of furniture.


Angel Icarus handmade ceramic and hand painted

Always identified as bearers of good news and able to protect human beings, angels are celestial creatures with great powers and a good soul, having one in the house, therefore, is synonymous with love, protection, security and good luck. To fulfill this desire, Ceramiche De Simone has created a series of angel-shaped figurines, made of ceramic and entirely hand-painted by our master craftsmen!

The perfect furnishing accessory for the Christmas holidays (and not only)

Angels are usually associated with Christmas: their presence is indispensable inside the crib, as well as on the tree or around the house! Yet, they lend themselves as ideal furnishing accessories for any time of year, precisely because of the deep symbolic load that they carry. Leave them, then, hanging on the walls or comfortably placed on shelves and tables: they will give a touch of peace and serenity to you, your family and your home! 

Discover all the models of angels available and choose the one you prefer (or, buy them all)!

9 cm

Our pottery is entirely handmade, created and designed by our artists. Finding two identical pieces is impossible due to the nature of the manufacturing process, therefore the small differences in measurements and the design of our work showcases the uniqueness and exclusivity of our products.
Remember that any differences in sizes or decoration compared to photography are one of the merits of our factories.

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