Lover Vase Folk FI205
Lover Vase Folk FI205
Lover Vase Folk FI205
Lover Vase Folk FI205

Lover Vase Folk FI205

€ 132.00
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Folk ceramic plant carrier handcrafted and hand decorated with "Lovers" fantasy, perfect as a gift idea for Valentine's Day to give to your lover.

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  • Altezza cm 18
  • H 28 cm


Folk Lovers Vase is handcrafted. Its handmade decoration shows the most powerful shade of love: the desire to stay together no matter what. Give your loved one the symbol of how you feel about her and celebrate with her the feast of lovers by making what you have grown together bloom.

20 cm
28 cm
16 cm
25 cm

Our pottery is entirely handmade, created and designed by our artists. Finding two identical pieces is impossible due to the nature of the manufacturing process, therefore the small differences in measurements and the design of our work showcases the uniqueness and exclusivity of our products.
Remember that any differences in sizes or decoration compared to photography are one of the merits of our factories.

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